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Access to medicine is a solitary, stressful, confusing and uncertain act, considering the fact that patients are laypersons and cannot accurately measure the level of care, the professional’s ethical conduct and the prescription of treatments.
In a moment of total fragility, patients need to trust the medical decision of a professional, who most of the time, has just met.
An extremely risky decision that is always accompanied by the question:
Am I really being taken care of by the very best in medicine?
The1 is a company with professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the medical concierge market and whose mission is to reduce uncertainties in the face of complex decisions
choice of a health service.
Added to this care, The1 seeks to align safety, convenience, comfort and sophistication in health care, directing the best of medicine in Brazil and in the world.
Our job is to streamline the service and improve the healing journey through various services such as:
Health counseling , choice of medical diagnosis and treatment services , request management , access coordination , reducing bureaucracy of problems with health plan operators and other players in the health market , reimbursements and contracting plans with higher added value , always with the objective of anticipating medical demands and patients’ needs and thus providing maximum comfort, substantially contributing to eliminate unnecessary bureaucratic stress.

Ethics is our company’s main pillar of value and principle.

The1 under no pretext and in no way intervenes in the relationship established between hospitals, clinics, laboratories, doctors and their patients, refraining from interfering in the clinical procedures that were or will be adopted during the treatment of each clinical case.

The1 undertakes never to make public, reveal, disclose and/or inform data relating to diagnoses, treatments and prognoses relating to its customers, leaving this responsibility under the sole responsibility of the medical team.

The1 is not remunerated through medical work. In fact, hospitals, clinics, laboratories or medical professionals have no functional relationship with The1 and are never, under any circumstances, accountable to the company.

The1 does not remunerate or transfer any type of reward to hospitals, clinics, laboratories or physicians who demonstrate interest in pointing their patients to the services provided by their companies.

The1 does not practice medicine, does not monitor or inspect medical work and does not have a health plan format.