Welcome to a special healthcare experience.
The1 Health is a health concierge that provides access to the best in Medicine and Health Care.
You and your family can count on the guidance and safety of The1 services to use the Brazilian and American healthcare system.
Talk to one of our experts — health advisers —
and learn how to connect with unique service and exclusive benefits for The1 customers.

Health Concierge

The1 Health is the first and only independent health concierge working exclusively for clients.
The1’s greatest asset is the in-depth knowledge of the entire structure of the healthcare system, the players, interests and paths to provide a very high level of care in terms of efficiency and resolution.
Having the support of a Health Adviser, means having the opportunity to safely share all difficult decisions during treatment, in order to obtain effective, rational and pragmatic paths during the healing journey.
In other words, the medical concierge helps you solve complex problems and answer tough questions without being emotionally involved in the problem.
Its function is to support those involved with precise guidance and facilitating access to the best of medicine in Brazil and abroad.

Benefit Analysis

The1 Health is a unique company in the market that takes care of everything from bureaucratic aspects to the choice of a doctor and treatment and diagnosis centers, always based on its expertise from years of experience in the market and also on its medical database cataloged accordingly with the expertise and in-depth knowledge of the professional background.
The1 also has a powerful networking network that ensures easy access to the best in health and does not allow the patient to be kidnapped by any medical service that is not the best therapeutic option for your customers.
Even when it is not possible to work in ideal conditions, even so, the best possible service is provided within the particular condition of each situation.
Emotional vulnerability, absolute belief in medical promises are replaced by technical knowledge, assertive decisions, empowerment and patient autonomy.

Personalized Service

At The1 the customer receives all the information necessary for decision making and hiring of the best available healthcare solution.
We are absolutely committed to our clients’ service journey and healing experience.

Watch our clients’ testimonies that show how having a support service throughout the disease timeline, diagnosis, evolution and treatment outcome are relevant and essential for emotional comfort in each life story.

At the most delicate moment, when a person finds himself sick, the role of the health advisor is extremely valuable, minimizing uncertainties and pointing out safe, coherent and reliable paths, fundamental in the search for solutions among the countless possibilities that exist in the market and infodemia — information pandemic — too many random and uncured options in the modern world.

Curatorship of Medical Services

The health adviser is above all a healer of available healing possibilities, on the spectrum of modern medicine and more recently, within traditional medicine.
The study and valorization of ancestral knowledge now open a portal of new possibilities of care that better attend to human complexity , a holistic view to achieve better results facing , mainly , the treatment of chronic pathologies that have never been properly treated with the approach of modern medicine .